Life comes at you fast, is the quote I think people say when it smacks them in the face.

Mines basically about to. With doggo healed up as of “today”, he got to go on his first long walk and the random spazz attack of teeth is still happening halfway through. His level of frustration from being crated for 10 straight days, peaked much higher than I thought it ever would. Regardless, we should be back on track in a few weeks. If I don’t implode first.

My boyfriend got a crazy job hook up from my Dad, well needed, I think. We’re still in limbo of whether or not it will actually happen, but his current company seems to be dangling nice opportunity in his face, and then taking over a month to actually make it happen. Plus, we MOVE in less than two weeks. Also, I have to get a new car (Yay finally an SUV) because mine has tapped out on AC and $1000 fix isn’t in the cards for that rustbucket. I guess this therapeutic writing thing will become more of my journal, than anything else. It has to be nice to look back on a particular day and have the exact feelings laid out for you. 98% of days just blow by until you look back and holy shit it’s already May.

We have a couple lake trips coming up, that will be the majority of any trips we take this summer. My parents are also planning a Ireland trip next winter which I can’t get any more excited about. I’m really hoping though, to have fun and do mini things in the next few months. I’m realizing as I sit at work and literally everyone I’m friends with is at our local bar drinking for Cinco De Mayo, that I don’t take the time to take time. I could’ve planned to leave work early and get coverage, but instead I was like eh, I’ll just work because thats what I’m supposed to do. It’s not. This is the time of my life when I should be doing all the things, when all the things can be done. Granted, drinking for Cinco De Mayo isn’t a huge life accomplishment, but I sat back and realized I’ve never done Cinco De Mayo one time. Same thing with St Patricks Day, Memorial Day, all the days where friends get together and just celebrate (whatever they want to deem the day as), and enjoy life. I also pass up on trips this way, most of my friends have moved away, or travel frequently whenever they feel like it. They do have more flexible jobs than I, and make more money, but I could make it work 3/5 times if I wanted. Yet once again I just don’t take the time. If I believed in New Years resolutions I should’ve made this years- to get out and plan shit. One thing  a month. Even if it’s just a winery day, or happy hour with friends. Something should be planned. One trip a “quarter”. One big vacation a year (this I do not normally miss out on though).

Changes are also happening just in my head. A friend who I chose to stop talking to a while back, has been looming over me. Good reasons to stop talking to them, bad reasons to want to keep talking to them. Social media makes this sort of thing very difficult. Not only do we maintain a happy divide, neither of us want to fully unfollow eachother anywhere. I know 100% they will like every picture I post, and watch every snapchat on my story. I almost look for it to make sure they do, and by almost I mean not almost at all. I wonder how many other people in the world have been in the same situation. I mean, there’s songs about it, movies about it, poems, etc. So I know I’m not alone, along with one of my very close friends experiencing the same dilemma, except she did the opposite of me, and made that person her significant other. Verdicts still out on whether that was the right move- but I’m saying yes. Maybe that’s one of the main things I can look back on and re-live, and hopefully look directly at that moment and say, yep you did the right thing.

The last big change I’ve made, is vegetizing my diet. I’ve made it a priority to have one veggie per meal (besides breakfast sometimes, because 5 am is cranky, and I can’t always pull off the spinach in my eggs). The biggest change so far is my digestion. I won’t go into details. The reason for this is just to implement a short lifestyle change. I mean, I do work in the health industry, I preach it all day long. I do eat a subpar amount normally- although still more than most. So going a little more veggie is going to help me. This is the first week I’ve done it, it’s Friday now. Also, my 2nd week in a power lifting program. Surprise, my diet change has effected my energy (it’s lower), and my strength (I am fatigued much quicker). I guess I never directly thought of this effect, even though it’s obvious if you go from a surplus, to replacement veggies that don’t hold up the carbs or sheer amount of calories as say- a peanut butter protein shake (I miss it).

I’ll update myself later on how this goes. So far I crave sweet things- flash back to me shoving raisins in my mouth 2 hours ago. Overall I feel less bloated, and more sleepy.

Change is good.


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