Life is BUSY

Little pupper had his surgery, and 10 days of hell have ensued. Since he’s an active little guy, having to crate him to keep him calm is really the only way. Lots of bones, peanut butter, and also carrying an 80 lb dog down the stairs (since we live on the second floor) has been a holiday. This is great, since thats over half my weight in dog form.

While that chaos continues, we have 20 days until we move, the day after we move we go to my family’s lakehouse for a few days, and then we return to unpacking life. This got me thinking about how certain people love change and others don’t. Also, how certain people love counting down to events and getting excited, others like the monotony of everyday life and routine. I find myself in between. I’ve always thrived off of spontaneity (if someone calls Friday and wants to leave for the weekend-absolutely!) and having fun things planned (Ireland trip with the family next winter? hell yes). I always have a countdown, and always need something to look forward to. I’ve told this to friends and there’s this instant “Oh no you should change your life so a countdown isn’t necessary to be excited”. At first, I agreed and ran through to million options of “maybe I will quit my job, move to Africa and work on an animal reservation” *because that is one of those fantasies that sound great and movie-like but in real life it is full of struggle and emotion and working your ASS off* After thinking through all those opinions for years, I’ve come to decide, no, at this point in my life I like my job, aside from political aspects of overwork and underpay, I like living where I live, aside from the insane traffic and government culture, and I like my tiny apartment with my boyfriend and giant puppy. For now, I will keep my countdowns and schedule two vacations a year, and use my app to know how many days & hours I have left until these leisures. Having these fun times planned and looking forward to major overhauls make me the opposite of my boyfriend. If you knew us, you’d find this completely backwards from our roles in our relationship. I fall into the Type A persona: monitor the bills/saving, run our day to day, make sure we have food, and clean clothes, and hustle him along while he floats in the clouds. He’s very Type B: gets distracted by a butterfly, extremely social, would rather spend than save, but yet also gets very overwhelmed with things like moving and planning vacations. The longer we’re together, the more opposite I notice we are, and I’m finding lately that I like it.

I just realized this blog is going to a ramble from one subject linking the next, anyways:

When we first moved in, there was a bit of a shock value. Not in the first month, or even month two, but probably in the third. We’ve known each other for over 10 years, dated a couple years in high school, and remained friends in between, so it wasn’t that I didn’t KNOW him. We had no problem telling each other to shut up, or that “you’re annoying me, go away”, and then get right back to being normal 10 minutes later. It was more so, getting used to each others routines, habits, and quirks. There were some major arguments over me becoming the maid (essentially), while he just NEEDS to relax after a long day. Spoiler: we both had long days. Things were so unaccustomed at one point, that him leaving his old coffee cups on our dresser and bathroom sink would send me into Hurrican Psycho mode. After 13 months in this apartment, I think we’ve found our routine. I will 90% of the time, be the dinner maker, meticulous cleaner, and organizer. However, we have found a good compromise on dishes, him contributing to household chores, and the largest aspect is taking the responsibility to care for our puppy instead of needing to relax immediately after doing any task. As we get ready to go into a 15 month lease at a new apartment, for the first time in over a year I feel 100% certain this is what I should be doing with him in our lives. With the goal that after this lease, we will buy a house together. In 5 years if I look back and am in a completely different place, at least I know I was meant to be here and experience this life at this time.

Maybe this blog is more of a journal for me to look back on and remember the little journey of my late 20s? In the meantime, life is continuing to blur by. Literally. It’s already May 2017, in two days, and shock value for myself- my littlest brother moved into his first apartment 2 weeks ago.



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