Alright Universe


So I wrote this morning saying how life is great and I’m 100% where I’m supposed to be, yada. Then I go about my day and the universe just does that thing, where it throws a curve ball, and diverts your mind into a web of intertwined messiness. I went to the gym, as my normal routine would, and ran into someone from my past. Someone who I was very close to, and who I no longer talk to regularly because it was influencing my ability to make the right (responsible) decisions for my relationship. Was it great to see them? Of course. Did we talk in between some sets and joke like we used to? Duh. I just found it so ironic to realize I’m right where I want to be 3 hours prior, and then the universe says, you sure?

It’s a bastard.

Are you allowed to blog twice in one day? Guess today it is. I’m flustered but excited about the weekend ahead (a 3-dayer). I’m not excited to go home and have a crazy night with a poor crated puppy, I’d rather escape and ignore responsibilities for a little bit. If you knew me, you’d know this a habit of mine. One that I’m trying to break. Normal me would call up a friend (probably the one I ran into today), meet up for drinks, go out, and turn off real life for a little bit. I’m reforming. Or very much trying to. It’s the “turn off real life” moments like that, that have caused issues for me in the past. Although people close to me wouldn’t know about it, it’s more internalized, and escapes in other ways. I think though that a mature approach, like going home to make dinner, clean, take care of the puppy (which comes with a cranky boyfriend), and then go to bed at a reasonable hour, is a better choice for my late 20s ass.

Thanks Universe.


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