Sundays are for puppy bonding. Today my friend and I (+pup) decided to go check out a local farmers market. I’ve been a couple times, but never actually dove in besides having some home made ice cream. With the puppy being 6 months old and incredibly smart, socialization has been on the list of things we HAVE to do. Otherwise, 3 holes in the carpet later, it’s too late. Luckily, at one of our puppy classes the trainer told us about this miracle leash attachment, the gentle leader. Pupper is very lovey with humans, but as his little testosterone pumps start churning lately, he’s been attempting to assert his dominance with other dogs. Including 170 lb mastiffs, who after 5 charges decide, “no I will not listen to your little annoying ass again”.

The farmers market is a perfect place to meet other puppies, while having Mom loom over you and flick the wrist of God to whip his little head around if he doesn’t play nice. With great relief I can say he did so well that I actually wondered if he was my dog. No aggressiveness and only barked when barked at (the under 30 pounders seem the most vocal). Lots of love and belly tickles, a couple side eye avoidances, but a very successful day.

There was also a butcher there, so on top of: arugula, spinach, cheese, bread, kombucha, and dressings, Pupper got to pick himself out some pig ears, sweet potato sticks, and knuckle bones. At a much better price I might add than the local Petsmart. Why I didn’t think of this before is a face palm.

It also helped my confidence HUGELY when bringing him to public places. Overall we like each other a little more now, than at 8am this morning. We’ll be back in a couple weeks, minus a couple of his puppy parts because this upcoming week is his ✂️! Puppy & Cheese


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