How does someone start to just, write.


Since I was little, I was told that I should write. I would write my parents apology letters, I would write weird little stories and quips to my brothers or leave them around the house. I would even write, just to write. Literally only to re-copy notes in class, or remember something. I mean, for our family trip to Italy, I made a packet to post on our fridge, with one italian phrase to learn per day, with pictures. To most this seems like an assignment, but I loved it. More so, the creation of it. I still do it at work. I bombard my desk space (that I also share with 3 other people) with sticky notes, to-do lists, and things that really don’t need to waste paper.

So I figured I had things to actually say.

I’m a very quiet person, almost bitchy-silent actually, to most. So quiet that I often question myself as if I’m “too” quiet. I work in an industry that requires you to be very outgoing. Very social. Very “people person-ey”. Yet when I’m in a social situation, with people I don’t know, I go inside myself. Which adds another added value to actually spitting my thoughts out onto a platform.

I guess it feels freeing, rather than taxing. I doubt anyone will every read these thoughts, I know for a fact I will never post a link. But maybe the typing can replace the writing in a therapuetic way, lessen my sticky note obsession, and channel some creativity. Or maybe, this will be my only post and this will ended up to be a one and done while the app sits on my phone forever. I mean, I am at work right now, at 7:17 on a Friday night, at age 27. Starting a “blog”. As someone who people would think “scoffs” at blogs, I think it may just help me, discover me.


2 thoughts on “How

  1. You’re off to a great start. I had no clue what I was doing when I started but you’re right, it’s is freeing and therapeutic. Write your heart out. šŸ˜‰

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